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In June 2012, an executive team with considerable experience in Mobile , PDA and Handheld technology-based mobile applications decided to go out on their own. They founded Mobile and PDA division for Unique Softech Group in Ahmedabad, India, to pursue their goal of designing and developing mobile applications. The company has gained considerable experience since then and our services now include both mobile games and business solutions.

In 2013, Unique Softech introduced a new concept to mobile gaming. The company developed mobile games for use as a marketing tool, to promote and advertise products to the users via the games. Last year, the company had phenomenal success with a mobile game developed for one of our clients in Brunei. Sudoku is based on an ancient number game from 18th century with uncertain origins, though may claim the game to be a work of a Swiss mathematician.

In its business solutions line, Unique Softech has developed a tool for one of our US client that provides a billing platform for products and services directly from a mobile device. Other business applications are under development.

Unique Softech during the last couple of years of development faced - and managed - a problem that is all but universal among mobile software developers: The main puzzle with most mobile software developers is to maximize returns while minimizing costs and yet providing supports for hundereds of mobile devices models and testing applications on each and every new model being introduced in the market today. Unique Softech adopted the Java Platform, Micro Edition (Java ME), and thus took advantage of a standard platform that supports the great majority of mobile devices; and to use NetBeans to simplify and improve the company's management of both new and existing code. Instead of a single application having a different set of source code for each group of handsets, and a project for each handset, now each application has only one project and one set of source code.

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